Hello world!


This blog is as unfocused as my mind right now, and I am not looking for subscribers. Eventually I will share its existence with “friends” on other blogs I comment on (TheTotebag and Corporette) and with friends IRL, especially after we move, but for now it’s just a place for me to jot down my thoughts. Eventually it may differentiate into a blog for the public, maybe reflecting on our lives, or maybe more of a cultural-political commentary. I’m saving the name Willy-Philly for when I’m more ready for the world.

Our goals for this year:

‘saac improve his social skills to the point that they no longer get in the way of his academics and he is ready to be “the new kid” at another school

Us to get our house in order–sorting through lots of things, developing routines to make good meals for ourselves at home, and having things stay picked up enough that we can have people over with no notice.

Me to get going with my publications, develop a method to get through things much more quickly.

A job in human rights (or civil rights) in Geneva or elsewhere in Western Europe, or in the Midatlantic

Our own place, whether we own it or not, a place where we know we intend to stay and can lovingly craft into a home.

That’s it for tonight.